Alexander Ioan Mihail

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Apt 2a, Nr 3 Aurel Vlaicu St, Bucharest Sector 2, Romania



Romanian, Australian

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Date of birth

24 January 1968




2009-ongoing: Master Degree, The University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics.

Subjects: DNA Computing, Category Algebra, Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval

2002-2006: The Romanian-American University of Bucharest, School of Law. Licensed Jurist.

Subjects: Commercial and Common Law, Intellectual Property, Administration

1987-1990: The University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics. Unlicensed.

Subjects: high algebra, calculus, geometry, computer science, compilers technology.

1986-87: Military service

1982-86: The College of Informatics, Bucharest.

Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science


R&D and Commercial experience: 20 years


My highest expertise is in the design of Reflective Operating Systems, in  processors and their emulators, embeddable kernels for telecommunications, device drivers, design of compilers and languages, computer graphics, modelling tools, all of which are areas where I have carried-out extensive fundamental research over the years. Due to my exposure to the industry I have gained excellence in implementing systems at any level.


SW engineering methodology:  Waterfall and Round Trip, Booch and UML Object Oriented Design

DotNet platform: Expert with multi-threading, reflection, GUI/Engine segregations, XML persistence.

Languages spoken:  C, C++, C# in MSDEV and CBuilder, Delphi, Pascal, Assembler, Prolog.

Development and target platforms: WINDOWS, LINUX, OS/2, DOS, PSOS, RTMS, RTOS, NUCLEUS+

Linux platforms:  Redhat, Cygwin, Embedded Linux, Trolltech QT Designer, KDE IDE.

Known processors: Intel, ARM7, Motorola 68320, MIPS R4650, ADSP21020, AMD29240, ALPHA

Real-time Operating Systems design: ANNA, Saturn, AWANET100, ORION, System Manager

Device drivers: for ISA, EISA, PCI devices under Windows NT and other proprietary OS-es.

Compilers design: Pascal, C++, VB interpreters, Assembler and Prolog, HTML/XML parsers

Telecommunications: HTTP, TCP/IP, Video over IP, RPC, DCOM, terminal emulators, Client/Server

Internet: ASP.NET, DHTML, AJAX, JScript, ActiveX, Video Streaming, IIS, custom WEB servers.

Database: SQL Server, ACCESS, MySQL, some ORACLE. Design of engines of my own.

3D, GUI and windowing systems: DotNET, VCL, QT6, DirectX, Win GDI, Arcade Toolbox, OpenGL, Glide, X11

Video surveillance: Programming with Pixord, Vivotek, Dentec IP surveillance cameras.

OCR: Intimate knowledge of HP’s Tesseract engine, Microsoft’s MODI and of barcode reader SDKs.

ERP/CRM/POS: Design of ERP/CRM and Imaging systems. Design of Point of Sales hardware.

Software ports: large systems from 16Bit to 32Bit, from Windows to Linux, shifting stuff to 64Bit.

Hardware design: an ARM7 based USB device for POS and for measurement. Protel, Altium, Altera.

Embedded tools: IAR, Hitex, Keil. Simulation techniques.

Domain administration: Plesk, CPanel, FrontPage, FTP, Terminal Server, Virtual Server, VMWare

Accounting skills: 2 years of stocks, bill of materials, invoicing, dockets. Many years of balance.

Project Management and team leadership: 12 accumulated years, SourceSafe, CVS, PVCS and MSProject.

Other skills:  MSOffice - expert level, Cubase, CorelDraw, Maya and AutoCAD.


Goals: a large SW+HW project, a good team, a chance to practice Law as well.

Passions: MIDI music, electric drums, video editing, chocolate, Descent Free Space.




September 1999 - ongoing: Proxima Centauri Romania SRL

Address:, Apt 2b, Nr 3 Aurel Vlaicu St, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Analyst Programmer, CEO

Tools: CBuilder C++, MSVC6, KDE for Linux, GCC, Rose UML, a plethora of others.


September 2009 - April 2010: Gemini Solutions


Position: Jurist, Software Consultant

Platforms: Windows-all, MacOS 10 Leopard

Tools: Rational Rose UML analysis, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Trolltech's QT 6 for UI, Direct Show

Refs: Mr. Razvan Lazar, Team Leader; Mr. Florin Parlea, Administrator.


February 2007 - January 2009: CNDPI RomSoft SA

Address:, 319 Splaiul Independentei, Bucuresti, Romania

Position: Jurist, IT Project Manager

Tools: Developer Studio C++/C# DotNet. ASP.NET Embedded ARM7 with Keil and Hitex C/C++.

Refs: Mr. Virgil Raducanu, CEO


August 2006 - November 2006: The Romanian Union of Colleges of Jurisconsults

Address:, Nr. 64 Boulevard Regina Maria, Sector 4, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Consultant SW Engineer


September 1994 - January 2002: Proxima Centauri Pty Ltd

Address: Level 19,  2 Market St.  Sydney NSW 2000

Position: Analyst Programmer, CEO

Tools: Any tool known to man, including the knife of sylex.


Iunie 2001 – septembrie 2001: Virtual Logic Pty Ltd

Adresa:, Level 3, 21-25 King St, Rockdale NSW  2216, Australia

Position: Consultant Software Engineer

Platform: CBuilder C++, low level C. MIPS assembler for the NIOS liquid processor.

Refs: Mr. Andrew Betzis, Director


September 1999 – January 2001: AmLab Technology Pty Ltd

Address:, Level 1, 12 McGill St. Lewisham, NSW  2049 Australia

Position: Software Consultant

Refs: Mr. Ron Hoolahan, Chairman. Mr. Alex Campos, H/W Consultant.


February 1999 – August 1999: Rail Services Australia Pty Ltd

Position: Software Consultant, Team Leader

Refs: Ms Marianne Maslikoska, Team Leader, Mr. Vincent Lafaro, Director


September 1998-January 1999: AWA Plessey

Address:, 5 Talavera Rd. North Ryde, NSW  2113 Australia;mso-outline-level:1'>

Position: Software Consultant

Tools: Rational Rose C++, GNU tool-chain for M68K, Borland C++ V5 for simulation

Platforms: Linux and Windows for development. Heavily modified embedded Linux as target

Techniques: Deep speculation of similarities of existing OS mechanisms. Careful, real-time safe coding. Extensive use of Object Oriented Design and Booch modeling.

References: Mr. David Morgan, Project Manager


June 1998-September 1998: Pacific Gaming Pty. Ltd.

Address: 23-27 Bourke Rd. Alexandria, NSW 2015 Australia

Position: Senior R&D Systems Engineer, Project Leader

Tools: Rational Rose C++, Green Hills C++, MIPS Debugger, R4650 simulator, Code Warrior, PVCS, IDT C, NUCLEUS+.


May 1996-June 1998: TurboSoft Pty. Ltd.

Address:, Level 3, 579 Harris St., Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

Position: Senior R&D Systems Engineer, Project Leader

Tools: Rose C++, Borland C++ v4.5 and v5, Turbo Assembler, OWL1&2, Turbo Debugger for 16 and 32Bit.

Techniques: State machines. OOD and Booch modelling. Careful reuse of components. Low-level programming

References: Mr. Phil Stenson, Director


May 1997-November 1997: Norman Data Defense Systems Pty. Ltd.

Address: 1st Floor, 11 Business Park Drive, Notting Hill, Melbourne, Victoria 3168, Australia

Position: Senior R&D Software Engineer

Tools: TASM, MASM v6, MSVC, MFC, Win32 SDK, NT DDK, NT ICE Debugger, Code View, WINDBG32

Platforms: WIN95, WINNT, DOS running on difficult, multi-boot machines.

Techniques: Low-level, mission critical programming. NT Kernel-level debugging. Event injection and logging.

References: Mr. Mike Wynd, Manager


February 1995 April 1996: AWA Defense Industries

Address:, 5 Talavera Rd. North Ryde, NSW  2113 Australia

Position: Software Consultant

Tools: Rose C++, PVCS, MSVC, Microtec C++ and Assembler for M68K, Xray Debugger

Platforms: Windows for development. M68K multi processor architectures as target

Techniques: OOD and Booch. RT safe coding. Cross-target debugging. Event Simulation

References: Mr. David Morgan, Project Manager. Mr. Steve Camping, Manager.


May 1993 - June 1994: Datapac Australasia Pty Ltd (currently Citrix)

Position: Senior R&D Software Engineer

Tools: Assemblers, Turbo C, Borland C++, Turbo Vision. Kernel Debuggers, In-house tools.

Platform: OS/2, System Manager, Novell Dos 7

Techniques: Extensive use of Object Oriented Design. Assembler coding in Protected Mode

References: Mr. Martin Duursma, Technical Director, currently the CEO of Citrix.


September 1987 - December 1989: The Energy Research Institute, Bucharest Romania

Address: Level 11, Nr. 1, Lacul Tei Bulevard, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania

Position: Analyst Programmer

Tools: Turbo Pascal V3-V5, Assembler, Turbo Prolog, Turbo C, In-house tools.

References: Mr. Dragos Pascale, IT Manager


Note: Further details and proof can be supplied to the genuine person upon request.